Leipsic Edwards - Gamper Memoial Locaion of the PCDL

***Funding for the library is provided from the Putnam County District Library operating budget.

1936 Leipsic sub-station established
1939 - 1942 Sub-station opened in the school
1942 - Marlie Shawber, Helen Herring & Eileen Kelly petitioned to have a separate public library from the school
1942 – Library in  front corner of the furniture store of Don & MarieShawber
1942 late – due to WWII it moved to flower shop of Carrie Lesson
1945 – Formal dedication ceremony held for the 1st branch location August 2 in the city building. 
 Later moved to small room in front of the fire station, Super 8 movies : Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Our Gang movies could be       borrowed
1979 - Dedication of the Leispic  Edwards-Gamper Memorial Library  May 27 in the John Edwards house  built in 1894


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