Putnam County Trivia ... June 6

  • The Ingram Brothers of Jacksonville, FL offered to bring an ostrich named Hurricane to the Putnam County Fair in 1908 for $300. They described Hurricane as one of the largest and fastest birds in the world. It is unknown whether Hurricane actually came to the fair.
  • During the 1930s, Putnam County native Earl H. Hanefeld served as Ohio’s Director of Agriculture in the cabinets of governors George White and Martin L. Davey.
  • In September 1938, Blanchard Township voters approved plans for a new high school building that included a combination gym and auditorium, and about half the funding for the project came from the Public Works Administration. The building was completed in 1939.


Source URL: https://mypcdl.org/content/putnam-county-trivia-june-6