History of the Leipsic Edwards-Gamper Location the PCDL

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March 1973 Town Hall Location









The Leipsic branch of the Putnam County District Library was originally situated within the town hall from 1945 until the latter part of the 1970s. The inaugural librarian appointed to oversee the operations at this branch was Althea Erickson, marking the beginning of a significant chapter in the library's history within the community.

Victorian house turned into Edward Gamper Memorial Library Leipsic Branch Putnam County District Library


c. 1979








In a notable development for the village of Leipsic, the Victorian residence previously owned by John Edwards was generously bequeathed to the village by his descendants in 1977. Constructed in the year 1894, this architectural marvel was subsequently recognized for its historical significance. In December of 1978, the United States Department of the Interior officially listed the residence on the National Register of Historic Places, a testament to its preservation and its importance to the nation's cultural heritage.

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April of 1979 marked a pivotal moment when this property transitioned into the Leipsic Edwards-Gamper Branch of the Putnam County District Library. The library houses an exquisite built-in china cabinet of French origin, featuring a distinctive round glass front that adds to the elegance of the space. Furthermore, the dining room is adorned with intricate stenciling along with molds of lion's heads, each ingeniously fashioned to hold light bulbs within their mouths, contributing to the room's unique ambiance. Additionally, what was formerly the residence's living room houses a stunning turquoise Italian fireplace. These architectural and decorative elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the library but also serve to enrich the cultural experience of its patrons.

Leipsic Library building in the Edwards House