100 Years


100 Year Celebration

In 2024, the Putnam County District Library celebrates 100 years. The PCDL stands as a testament to the enduring dedication of the Putnam County community towards its library system, evolving from its modest inception in the early 20th century to its current status as a significant cultural and educational pillar. Presently, the Putnam County District Library encompasses eight locations: Columbus Grove, Continental, Fort Jennings, Kalida, Leipsic, Ottawa, Ottoville, and Pandora.


County Library sign on house with trees Putnam Co Library Ottawa o written on photograph

            Car out front of a building with a library sign on it       

2 cars in front of a building               Fort Jennings Library in Memorial Hall History of Fort Jennings Location of the PCDL


            2 women checking out books by a third woman in front of bookcases filled with books 

Monterey Township Library Ottoville building

           Pandora Riley Township Library building bookdrop trashcan newspaper stand and a bench